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Why Our Work Matters

Nest Global's work addresses a global unmet need:
early childhood education for the world’s most vulnerable children

Did you know?

The early years are a critical time when most brain development occurs, yet millions of children are not getting the educational opportunities they need and deserve.

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90% of brain development happens between the ages of 0-5 years old
A critical development period that sets the foundation for future learning and growth
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Less than 3% of all humanitarian aid goes to education
Virtually none of these funds go towards early childhood education
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3.7 million refugee children are out of school
The UNHCR estimates that nearly half of the world's 7 million children do not have access to education
By the end of 2021 there were 36 million displaced children globally.
The worldwide refugee population has more than doubled over the last decade
Education impacts both individuals and societies

Research shows that high quality early childhood education is one of the best investments a society can make, not just for the individual child, but for the meaningful long-term, socio-economic impact it has on the entire community.


In fact, world leaders have recognized the importance of early childhood education by naming it a key United Nations Sustainable Development Goal.

Education changes lives

For millions of refugee and displaced children, education is not available. Without education, many of these children are bound to cycles of poverty and instability. 


Education gives these children opportunities they are entitled to and deserve. Education empowers them with the knowledge and skills for promising futures. It keeps them safe and gives them purpose. It restores their dignity and hope.


Nest Global is among the first and only organizations providing high quality education programs for refugee children and families — and our impact continues to grow.

Our Impact

book 1.png

hours of education provided to children

back-to-school 1.png

children and families enrolled


classroom across 3 continents

fruit 1.png

meals served annually at the Nest Congo


Mobile Nest serves 6 shelters, 4 days a week

hands-up 1.png

participants in the parenting program

t-shirt 1.png

children provided with warm clothing, diapers, wipes

charity 1.png

supporters committed to Nest Global's mission

2022 Annual Report

A brief look at Nest Global's work

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