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Coming Soon: Nest Norte

As part of its efforts to roll back MPP — or the “Remain in Mexico”— program, last week the Biden administration admitted the first small group of migrants (25 Latin-American asylum seekers) into the U.S. to wait in safety for their asylum cases to be heard. This is an important first step in providing asylum seekers the human rights and legal processes they were denied. But for tens of thousands of people still waiting for an appointment to be processed in Mexican border cities, the weeks can be agonizing as they face both economic hardships and threats of violent crime. To ease the burden of childcare on parents during these worrisome days, we’ve partnered with Al Otro Lado (AOL), a Tijuana-based organization providing legal and humanitarian support, to open a second Nest at the U.S.-Mexico border. Launching this spring, Nest Norte will be a peaceful sanctuary space where children can safely play while their parents seek legal counsel at AOL’s offices in Zona Norte, just minutes from the San Ysidro port of entry in Tijuana. In addition to age-appropriate play opportunities, Nest Norte will also provide a safe haven where caregivers and new mothers can take classes and receive support.

Learn more about Nest Norte

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