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Partners & Funders


Nest Global recognizes that partnership and collaboration are crucial for the success of any humanitarian endeavor, and we are honored to partner with local NGOs and organizations worldwide.


Our partners provide on-the-ground support, local knowledge and valuable resources that allow us to implement education and parenting programs in areas of the world that need them most.


Nest Global is also generously supported by a community of private donors and foundations. Their contributions have allowed us to help refugee and immigrant children and their families heal and thrive through high quality early childhood and parenting programs around the globe.

Partner Spotlight


Investing in Nest teachers worldwide


Nest Global is proud to announce a two-year collaboration with Art + Practice focused on the long-term sustainability of our programs and a shared commitment to providing high quality education to children and families experiencing forced migration and poverty. As part of our collaboration, Art + Practice will support Nest Global outreach efforts and fund teachers’ salaries from 2022–2024, ensuring that our Nests’ teachers can continue to provide high quality education and care to those most in need. 


Nest Global's teachers, or “Local Nesters,” are the cornerstone of our programs. Coming from the communities that Nests serve, Local Nesters bring a deep understanding of the lived experience and culture of the children in their care – helping them to more easily find their way from trauma to healing and growth. Through our generous collaboration with Art + Practice, Nest Global can continue to ensure that our Nests in Africa, Mexico and Greece are staffed by the local educators who are the core of Nest Global's work.


Partnership with UCLA


Nest Global is proud to partner with the Education and Social Transformation major undergraduate program at UCLA’s School of Education and Information Studies in advancing a vision for education that centers global citizenship, social justice, and access for all. Education can change the world, and students at UCLA’s School of Education and Information Studies are committed to transforming the landscape of education and society.


Our partnership with the Education and Social Transformation undergraduate program centers around the course Pedagogies of Global Citizenship Education. In this course, students complete 40-50 hours of service through Nest Global working directly with Nest educators and Nest Global leadership to co-develop curricula and programs, conduct research and data collection, and engage in dialogue and cultural exchanges with refugee/asylum-seeking and migrant children and families. 


Students also have the opportunity to deepen their experiential learning through an 80+ hour academic internship with Nest Global, offered quarterly to 2-3 undergraduates.

Hauser Wirth
Hauser & Wirth.jpeg

Supporting arts education for children

Courtesy Hauser & Wirth
Photo: © 2022 Sarah M. Golonka | smg photography


Courtesy Hauser & Wirth

Photo: © 2022 Sarah M. Golonka | smg photography


Art is a vital part of children’s education and critical to a community’s healing and growth. Nest Global is honored to announce an ongoing collaboration with LA-based artist Mark Bradford and Manuela Wirth, President, Hauser & Wirth Gallery to support arts education at Nest schools in Mexico and Greece. Beginning in 2021, this project has included donations of art materials to Nest locations, funding to expand our facilities, and visits from trained teaching artists to provide hands-on arts experiences for children.

Bradford and Hauser & Wirth’s commitment to bringing arts education to our Nests ensures that all children we serve have a range of opportunities and materials to experience beauty, think in diverse ways, and most importantly, express and rewrite their personal stories.


Nest Global and Hauser & Wirth’s partnership has also brought art education to young artists living in Los Angeles. As part of the Education Lab LA project, Nest Global's team worked alongside Mark Bradford and a group of high school students from Downtown Los Angeles to create a visual arts project exploring global forced migration and its humanitarian impact. The culminating presentation and mural were on display to the public at Hauser & Wirth Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles in the summer of 2022.

In the News:

Rectangle 13.jpg

June 2022. ARTnews

In Los Angeles, Artist Mark Bradford Launches a New Collaboration with Local High School Arts Students

July 2021 Hauser & Wirth Gallery

Mark Bradford Press Release Education Lab at Hauser & Wirth, Menorca launches a year-long collaboration with Nest Global.

Thank you to our partners

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